The breakdown of a marriage or long term relationship may not only be a traumatic event but also one that gives rise to legal and financial challenges. A  couples  finances may have become entwined over the years   be it through joint ownership of a house or other assets, separating them out is not an easy task. Disputes might occur over who is entitled to claim ownership of  particular property and  belongings. If agreement cannot be reached then legal proceedings may be necessary to resolve any disputes and a court, not you,  will determine your final share of any property and assets accumulated during the course of the relationship.

It is essential, therefore, to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity so you can make informed choices and obtain a fair share of matrimonial assets.  Mc Atamney Solicitors have considerable experience of these issues and can provide an empathetic, professional service.

The  legal position of those who are married or in a civil partnership differs from those co-habiting. A co-habitee does not have the same legal rights as a spouse. Specific legal guidance is set out in law as to how marital assets should generally be divided upon the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership but no such statutory protection exists for co-habitees. In legal terms the concept of a common law marriage is not recognised but over the years court rulings have evolved to give more certainty and protection to co-habitees.

Please speak to one of our solicitors for detailed advice and assistance on these matters.

Every breakdown of a relationship and the division of assets turns on its own specific facts but the legal context and past court judgments always affect the likely outcome.  We can pass on our extensive experience in this area of law, enabling you to make informed decisions as to how to approach negotiations with your former spouse or partner and what to expect from the apportionment of joint assets.

If you find yourself in this situation, Mc Atamney Solicitors will offer specialist legal  advice on your rights and expectations, as well as professional guidance at all stages from separation to resolution