Assisting clients with the sale and/or purchase of property is an integral part of our service portfolio.

Our solicitors work with both private and corporate clients for domestic and commercial conveyancing and also provide re-mortgaging, commercial leases and tenancy agreements.

Mc Atamney Solicitors is a member of the Home Charter Scheme operated by the Law Society of Northern Ireland. The Scheme is a Law Society initiative designed to foster confidence amongst members of the public in the conveyancing work carried out by solicitors in Northern Ireland. It lays down certain minimum standards and duties which must be adhered to by your solicitor in carrying out domestic conveyancing.

Buying or selling a house is possibly the biggest financial commitment most of us will make in our lifetime so it is only right that a conveyancing solicitor is chosen with care.

It should not be purely a price comparison exercise but should be about ensuring you get the best quality advice at an affordable price. We will always provide you with a written quotation of all costs in a conveyancing transaction at the outset of our instructions by you.

The conveyancing process is complicated and involves a number of different parties, including estate agents, buyers, and sellers, solicitors for the seller and the buyer respectively and mortgage lenders. Your solicitor will be dealing with these parties on your behalf.

 A buyer’s solicitor will not only scrutinise legal title to the property you are hoping to buy but will also make pre contract enquiries of the vendors in order to learn more of the history of the house you are looking to buy, examine the property certificate records held by the DOE and local authority in respect of your new dwelling as well as liase with the mortgage lender on your behalf and draft the necessary transfer deed to convey the house into your name before submitting any payment on your behalf for stamp duty and registering your new ownership in the Land Registry.

A seller’s solicitor will typically gather in the title deeds to your house, they will draw up a contract to be forwarded to the purchaser’s solicitors , will work with you on replies to any pre contract enquiries raised by the purchasers, make the appropriate law searches and obtain relevant property certificates in respect of the sold house from the local authorities,  seek a redemption figure on your current mortgage and discharge that directly with your building society from the purchase monies before accounting to you for the net sale proceeds.

With Mc Atamney Solicitors all our conveyancing work is carried out by an experienced solicitor, it is not delegated to paralegals, as we understand this will be the one of the most important moves you ever make in your life and it is only right and proper that you have a senior solicitor guide you through the legal process involved in buying and selling a house.